Liberty Walk Formula E Car Celebrates First Ever Tokyo e-Prix

With the first ever Tokyo e-Prix just around the corner, the all-electric race series is fully embracing JDM culture. Check out this epic Liberty Walk Formula E car!

For Formula E, its new event in Japan is a big deal. Famed for competing on streets all around the world, FE has been chasing a deal with Japan’s capital for the best part of a decade, and finally it’s all come together. The new race which will take place around the Tokyo International Exhibition Centre is set to become one of the championship’s landmark events, so to celebrate its inaugural running, Formula E has tapped into Japan’s rich modified car culture. As well as collaborating with Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift star Sung Kang, there’s also this rather cool Liberty Walk Formula E car that’s been commissioned.

Based on the current GEN3 Formula E racer, the championship organizers have let the folks at Liberty Walk go wild with their styling efforts, and the result is pretty mega. Sadly it won’t be competing, but nonetheless it’s cool that it exists.

front of LBWK FE car

Liberty Walk Formula E car design

According to the accompanying press release, the inspiration behind this wild body kit comes from a blend of Japan’s many decades-old car tuning scene, plus the snappily-titled anime series, Future GPX Cyber Formula.

Starting at the front of the car, the GEN3 is now sporting a triple-tier front wing with some aerodiscs on the wheel rims. Further along, a whole new segment of aero has blossomed from the car’s typically minimalist side profile, forming the closest possible thing to a wide arch on an open-wheel racecar.

rear of LBWK FE car

At the back, the car gets a very cool, low-hanging rear wing which drapes down behind the rear wheels. There’s even some old-school underglow all around the bottom of the chassis!

Overall, I reckon it’s a definite improvement over the stock GEN3 Formula E design. It certainly has a more spectacular presence, anyway, though perhaps is a little too ‘busy’ at the front.

Liberty Walk FE car indoors

How to watch Formula E

If you want to follow the Tokyo e-Prix action this weekend (Saturday 30th March 2024), UK audiences can catch all the sessions live on TNT Sports, while in the US there will be coverage on CBS and Roku.

The title battle between between Jaguar and Porsche is heating up nicely, while the Nissan factory team and Nissan-powered McLarens will be wanting to perform well on home turf after a hard-fought double-podium last time out in Sao Paulo.

back of LBWK FE car

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