Not Dead Yet: US Gets 2024 GT-R Special Editions

Ahead of the car’s rumored demise next year, a pair of 2024 GT-R special editions are coming to America. Here’s what you need to know.

It’s the car that just won’t die. The Nissan GT-R R35 first emerged from the Yokohama-based manufacturer’s labs in 2007, born as a tour de force of technology. Since then, the tuning aftermarket has become well-acquainted with the R35’s massive performance potential, and as a result it’s cemented its place in car culture folklore. However, the game has moved on a lot since 2007, and although there have been several facelifts to rejuvenate the R35, many expect Nissan to retire the GT-R at last when it reaches its eighteenth birthday next year. The Nissan Hyper Force concept points towards what the future may hold for the GT-R nameplate, but for now, there are two more R35 special editions set to make their way to the States.

2024 GT-R Skyline Edition

Skyline Edition

Let’s begin with Skyline Edition; a moniker which nods to the GT-R’s roots when it was a pumped-up variant of the humble Skyline sedan, rather than its own supercar-rivalling entity. Perhaps the most iconic look for the Skyline GT-Rs of old was when the R34 generation rolled off production lines in Bayside Blue. Fittingly, the Skyline Edition revives Bayside Blue for the R35 (again) and complements it with a ‘Sora Blue’ interior color scheme.

interior of 2024 GT-R Skyline Edition

At this point I should probably point out that these special edition cars are unique in their cosmetics only. There are no mechanical revisions to be seen here, but hey, they’re still cool additions to the GT-R story.

front of T-Spec Takumi GT-R

T-Spec Takumi Edition

Moving on to my personal favorite special edition of the two, the T-Spec Takumi. Finished in gorgeous Midnight Purple (again, another nod back to the Skyline era) with a Mori Green interior. The idea behind the car is to honor all the hard work put in by Nissan’s small team of powertrain engineers, known within the company as ‘Takumi’, tasked with developing and building the VR38s fitted to each R35 GT-R. As such, T-Spec Takumi Edition GT-Rs also get a gold VIN plate, as well as gold and red engine bay accents.

interior of GT-R T-Spec Takumi Edition

Like regular T-Spec GT-Rs, the T-Spec Takumi Edition gets RAYS 20-inch forged wheel rims, slightly wider front fenders, and Nismo Vehicle Dynamic Control (computer wizardry).

GT-R T-Spec Takumi engine bay

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